Please invest to help The Amara Chronicles. Thank you! I accept cryptocurrency as well as PayPal, so if you have some for me, let me know which coin, and I will give you an address. This will go into my film fund. If it's PayPal, please choose "Friends and Family", so I don't pay a fee. Thank you. Also, I will cover the purchase fee for the crypto that I buy with it, if possible, and if there is one (I use two different apps, but my fund is only in one of them). There's also a transfer fee in one app, but most of it will be added to the fund. If you invest a minimum of 30GBP through PayPal, all of it will be able to be added to my fund. You'll get a mention in the credits; either your name, or a general thanks. I can't say which at this early stage, but it's the least that I owe you for your assistance.

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