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All illustrations copyright Katie Hammerbeck.

The Maginist Tower, home to the Maginists.

Alasymy, Galea's home.

Galea's birth. She's being held by her nursemaid, Sarah, while her parents, Loka and Shayli, look on. Loka, Shayli, and Galea's looks have changed. The horn has been replaced with a jewel, that acts as a mood ring.

My sweet boy Elias.

Galea's new look. Her ears aren't visible in this picture.

Elias' father, Benna.

The old Galea with Elias' acolyte Danbo.

Rensa, a bully to Elias, and his acolyte Gandax.

Rensa's mother, Eela.

Arno, the Head of the Maginist Order before Leera.

These photos aren't great, but are the best I could get. It appears black, but is in fact very dark purple.

This area that appears to contain clouds is the part of Denara where the majority of the inhabitants live.

This area surrounded by gold is Ayla, where the exiles live.

These rings surround the planet, and act as barriers. Ayla is shielded by Magence, and none can escape, but the rings clearly indicate the border.