The Amara Chronicles

Hi! I'm Angela Knight!

The worst thing that was ever done to me led to the greatest opportunity. Now I'm working my butt off to ensure it's not wasted.

Making my film and getting it out there is my dream, and all my dreams come true.

The Amara Chronicles is a fantasy adventure romance, set in an original world. It's based on a co-written graphic novel-in-progress, which in turn is loosely based on an original book. Some of the characters are also original. It features two people who have always felt like outsiders, but eventually learn where they belong.


I'm not sure what I could compare it to, as I've not really seen anything like it, but perhaps The Neverending Story could come close, due to its unique characters and situations.


I've won poetry competitions, the prize of one being publication in an anthology. I also took bronze in a brand new short story competition. My first fantasy novel was published, and has sold.


I threw myself into fantasy at a young age; I was an undiagnosed (until 37) autistic, and life was hard, mostly due to the bullying I've suffered pretty much my entire life. Several years ago, I  was fed up of all the sequels and remakes. I decided that if I wanted something original I would have to write it myself. So I did. I have my award-winning screenplay, and a willingness to make changes to it. That's what I spend much of my time on; considering changes. It's already been through several changes since its win. Part of my commitment on Universal Credit is to seek a full service agent. Making my film and getting it out there is my dream, and all my dreams come true...

Two people embark on a journey of self-discovery, and encounter a terrible threat in the unlikeliest of places.

Galea,  a young woman, leaves home on her eighteenth birthday to find her true love, her place in the world, and perhaps freedom from the guilt she felt ever since her sister was killed. She's an unusual woman. Her people are Pegals; a type of pegasus with a jewel set into the forehead that changes colour depending on mood. Our heroine has the jewel, ears, wings, and tail, but the rest of her is human.


On her journey she meets the rabbit acolyte of a Maginist (magic-user). They have a brief but unsettling encounter with a human man.


Eventually they arrive at the Maginist Tower, where Galea meets and falls in love with her new friend's (autistic) Master. Her feelings are reciprocated, but an evil Maginist wants her too. The two men fight, and the man she loves wins.


There's an aborted Bonding Ceremony (Bonding occurs when two people share their first kiss; they're tied together forever).


Our heroine ends up in Ayla (Exile) with the Maginist who wanted to take her from her true love. There she meets her real father, the former Head of the Maginist Order, and learns that her human nursemaid is her real mother. The Sar Ala, an evil race of beings who are working with the evil Maginist's evil parents, made an attempt to overthrow the Maginist Order, by sending two of their people to infiltrate the Tower disguised as human acolytes, and conceive our heroine's true love. She was created to be the key to unlock her love's true nature, which he struggles with over the course of their adventures.


Over time, she discovers she is also a Maginist, and is accepted into the Order, and they have their Bonding Ceremony. Her Ama (Bonded) struggles against his own kind as well as himself, and wins. And the current Head of the Order gives him the opportunity to challenge her for the leadership of the Maginist Order.

Here are the screenplay and an accompanying glossary for you. The glossary contains words that aren't in the screenplay, but could be in the sequel's screenplay. After reading, please consider donating. Not necessarily money; time will do. Constructive criticism would also be welcome. Thank you.

I am in the process of writing additional scenes, applying what I learned from the screenwriting course I took. It'll take time, but eventually I'll be able to make it available. So far I have a new beginning, a new scene, and an improved scene, and they're so good! There's going to be more danger, and more threat. If you'd like to see it as it's added to, let me know, and I'll consider it. Perhaps you can help me shape it.

Amara Glossary
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The Amara Chronicles Final Screenplay
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